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June 2016

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Clinging to Life on a Life Raft

Fifty miles seemed close enough to New Orleans not to fear a U-boat attack. Yet there was Heredia sinking, and Ray Downs … continue reading »

April 2016

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Later on Leyte

Douglas MacArthur’s promised return to the Philippines was going well—except that Japanese reinforcements kept pouring in. The 77th Infantry Division landed near Ormoc to fix that. … continue reading »

February 2016

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How the Sons of Bitche Got Their Name

Just how strong was France’s Maginot Line? The Century Division arrived to find out–and to give hell to the Germans defending … continue reading »

December 2015

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Escape from Paris

Joe Manos needed a miracle. He needed Sumner Jackson, American surgeon and covert friend of GIs trapped in the Nazi-infested City of Light. An exclusive excerpt … continue reading »

October 2015

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Ink on Paper Ends a War

Ninety-two years after Commodore Perry sailed into Tokyo Bay and pushed Japan onto the world stage at gunpoint, the Americans were back. This … continue reading »

April 2015

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Fido Goes to War

American families had already sent their sons and daughters off to the military. Now it was time to send their pet dogs. By Melissa Amateis … continue reading »

Special Issues

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WWII Mysteries and Mayhem:

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Join our WWII Tour

May 16-25, 2014 Join America in WWII on the road to our nation’s greatest World War II museums.

Immerse yourself in World War II all along the way—on this nine-day Double Victory Tour commemorating Allied victory in the European … continue reading »

Pacific Island War

Island-hop to victory in the Pacific war

Follow America’s soldiers and marines to war-torn island beaches, jungles, and volcanoes in PACIFIC ISLAND WAR, a new special issue from AMERICA IN WWII.

Gain new appreciation for the true cost of … continue reading »

Tell Us Your Story

Where Were You (or your parents or grandparents) When We Won WWII?


Tell Us Your Story!

Your World War II story is treasure!

Share your end-of-war story or other WWII story today (or a WWII story from your parents, … continue reading »

Pearl Harbor Stories

December 7, 1941

A Date Which Will Live in Infamy

The Attack on Pearl Harbor • Eyewitness Accounts • Expert Analysis • Amazing Photos



Witness the attack that thrust America into World … continue reading »

August 2012

August 2012 Cover

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Armed with a Paintbrush

Army artist Ed Reep dodged bullets and bomb blasts to give Americans back home a closeup look at the war. By Melissa Amateis Marsh

To the … continue reading »


America, 1941–1945. There was a war on. Times were tough. But life was good. Be there! Home Front Life

Take our 100-page guided tour of 1940s wartime life, in this very special edition from the editors of America in WWII … continue reading »


They were the boys next door. They sailed, flew, and hiked across the globe to help save the world. They were… GIs IN WORLD WAR II

Meet America’s World War II fighting men in this special 100-page issue from the … continue reading »

June 2009

Bonus Features

Videos, photos, articles, and links that expand on the printed magazine issue



Photo gallery: Americans on D-Day

Follow American fighting men as they prepare for and launch the great Normandy invasion of June 6, 1944.

  … continue reading »

February 2011

Find the articles these features relate to in the February 2011 issue of America in WWII, available at Borders and Barnes & Noble stores.

Photo gallery Stamps for the war effort

Like almost everything governments printed for public consumption during … continue reading »

December 2010

Find the articles these features relate to in the December 2010 issue of America in WWII, available at Borders and Barnes & Noble stores.

gallery Battle of the Bulge 2010

”GI" Joe Razes and more than 1,000 other reenactors march … continue reading »

April 2010

Bonus Features

Find the articles these features relate to in the April 2010 issue of America in WWII, available at Borders and Barnes & Noble stores.

Hitler’s boy soldiers

Print Issue Tie-in: “Heilbronn: One Last Place to Die”

Footage: … continue reading »

October 2009

Find the articles these features relate to in the October 2009 issue of America in WWII, available at Borders and Barnes & Noble stores.

Disney To The Front

Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and an army of their kindred cartoons join the war effort at home and overseas

J. Edgar Hoover’s Secret Nazi Spy Maps

Even before the United States entered the war, J. Edgar Hoover and his G-men were tracking enemies south of the border and charting what they found.

American Propaganda Comics

What better way to sway the people than to deliver the message in the form of seemingly innocuous cartoons?

World War II Top Secret


Find it all in This Issue

In the shadows of World War II’s land, air, and sea battles, another war raged–a war of espionage, strange weapons, sabotage, and deceit. America played her part in this hidden battle against the … continue reading »



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History War History Online The Place for Military History News and Views World War II History Info The Institute on World War II and … continue reading »


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April 2012

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Features Taking the X on Iwo

X-shaped Airfield No. 2 was the prize that brought US Marines to rocky Iwo Jima. But it was a prize well guarded, and winning it would … continue reading »

February 2012

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Features Patton’s First Victory

US troops got hammered at Tunisia’s Kasserine Pass. But at El Guettar, General George Patton proved his men were a match for the best Nazi troops in the … continue reading »

Masters And Commanders: How Four Titans Won The War In The West

A giant book tells the story of four giants who directed the Allied war effort: President Franklin Roosevelt, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, US General George Marshall, and British army chief Alan Brooke.

Overlord: The D-Day Landings

A chronicle of the start of the Normandy Invasion emphasizes military detail over story.

The Captain

By Arnold T. Blumberg

When skinny Steve Rogers submitted himself for a top-secret US government experiment to create a Super Soldier, he had no idea he would become the Sentinel of Liberty and the embodiment of America’s greatest hopes and … continue reading »

Getting The Story

A recorder, a few guidelines, and a little patience are all you need to collect gripping, eyewitness history from the WWII vets in your life.

The Last Torpedo

The USS Tang was on a winning streak. Once she fired her one remaining torpedo, she could head home to bask in glory—if everything went as planned.


Rooting out pockets of Nazis one by one, American troops and tanks rolled steadily across the Rhine and on to victory in Europe. Then the celebration began.

August 2009

bonus features

Videos, photos, articles, and links that expand on the printed magazine issue

Video: Bugs Bunny’s war bond shtick

Porky and Elmer back up Bugs as he sings and dances for the war effort in the Looney Tunes … continue reading »

Japan’s Pacific Blitz

Pearl Harbor wasn’t the only target left in flames when imperial Japan seized power in Asia and the South Pacific in December 1941.

April 2009

Videos, photos, articles, and links that expand on the printed magazine issue

Facing the Fox

The GIs in Tunisia’s Kasserine Pass were in trouble. Their equipment was outdated, their leadership was weak, and Desert Fox Erwin Rommel was aiming his army straight at them. By Brian John Murphy.

Baseball in Wartime

In a free monthly newsletter, Scotland-born Gary Beddingfield kindles the spirit of those who carried America’s national pastime through the difficult war years.


Gridiron War (PDF)

Pearl Harbor’s bombs nearly sank American football as draft-exempt men tried to fill the cleats of MVPs who went off to war. But the sport America loved persevered…

Secret psywar reports (PDF)

Peek at the secret research … continue reading »