News Tie-in

Blimps on the Move

In memory of the runaway JLENS aerostat (a tethered, unmanned blimp used to detect missile threats) from Maryland’s Aberdeen Proving Ground that crashed in Pennsylvania last week, we bring you a newsreel about navy blimps fighting U-boats in World War II.


A Wartime Halloween

In Hollywood and on the home front, World War II Americans kept Halloween fun alive and well—despite some rather grumpy wartime officials. Read more



WWII Mascots of Land, Sea, and Sky

Meet some of the animal companions that lifted the spirits of America’s WWII fighting men.




Cobra King: Where Is She Today?

World War II’s most famous US tank—the one that broke German siege lines at Bastogne 70 years ago in the Bulge—is restored and ready for display. She’s just waiting for the museum where she’ll rest to be constructed.



Hard Times in Hürtgen Forest

View World War II combat photos of American GIs fighting the grueling Battle of Germany’s Hürtgen Forest (often spelled Huertgen or Hurtgen) in 1944.