The American St. Nick in his jeep


The American St. Nick

A GI’s act of kindness to war-weary kids in a Luxembourg town gave them joy and made him an enduring legend.

Christmas Slideshow

A World War II Christmas

Peek back through our magical Christmas window to see America’s WWII Christmas past. Accompanied by a 1929 piano recording of Yuletide carols.




Cobra King: Where Is She Today?

World War II’s most famous US tank—the one that broke German siege lines at Bastogne 70 years ago in the Bulge—is restored and ready for display. She’s just waiting for the museum where she’ll rest to be constructed.


For Veterans Day, A Look Back to ’46

Witness the proud victory parade of the veteran 82nd Airborne Division, just arrived in New York City from Europe in January 1946.



Hard Times in Hürtgen Forest

View World War II combat photos of American GIs fighting the grueling Battle of Germany’s Hürtgen Forest (often spelled Huertgen or Hurtgen) in 1944.