About our readers

America in WWII proudly numbers many WWII veterans and civilians among its readers. But our core readers are the Greatest Generation’s kids and grandkids—members of the Baby Boom, largest generation in US history.

This puts most of our readers in their peak years of discretionary spending. And they do spend! Nearly all came to us by direct response to mail offers, or selected our product from crowded newsstands. Our subscribers were already WWII enthusiasts or buyers of books and products related to World War II, vintage aviation, militaria, history, and nostalgia.

Where are they?

They live in all 50 US states, with highest concentrations in the Midwest and Great Plains (nearly 29 percent), the Mid-Atlantic (about 19 percent, the South-Atlantic (about 16 percent), and the Pacific states, including Alaska and Hawaii (about 13 percent).

What interests them?

More than 60 percent of our paying readers are subscribers recruited from mailing lists focused on World War II, classic aviation, military collectibles, history, and nostalgia.  Letters, e-mail, and phone calls from our readers confirm that they love period ads and rich, well-reproduced WWII photos. They want firsthand stories of WWII vets and civilians. They are nostalgic for ’40s homes, furnishings, and collectibles. Theyare interested in the little-known aspects of America’s WWII history. They visit museums and historical sites. And they want to know more about what their elders did in World War II.

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