About the magazine

America in WWII is the only magazine that tells the story of Americans fighting World War II at the battle front and on the home front. It’s a time capsule of history and nostalgia that puts readers shoulder-to-shoulder with the Greatest Generation, winning the Good War.

Packed with lively articles and wide-ranging departments—richly illustrated with real period artifacts, crisp war photos, and vivid 1940s posters and ads—our national bimonthly magazine immerses readers in the American experience of World War II.

Every issue includes:

        • Battles on air, land, and sea involving Americans
        • Firsthand accounts–meet the people who lived the history!
        • WWII memories, anecdotes, and snapshots from our readers
        • Pictorial essays on GI life, home-front topics, war posters, collectibles, and more
        • Travel coverage—World War II-related sites and museums in the States and overseas
        • Hit songs from the WWII-era
        • Home-front life
        • Reviews of new WWII books and media
        • Insightful articles about unique US units, the war effort, commanders, celebrities in uniform, propaganda, weapons and equipment, insignia, aircraft, war production, spies—every aspect of America’s WWII years! Check out our Articles page for selected articles from the magazine.
        • Classic movies about World War II
        • Period comics and cartoons
        • Upcoming WWII-related events

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