The Fate of the Ron 3 PT Boats

PT-31, commanded by Lieutenant E.G. Delong. Grounded and scuttled at Subic Bay, Luzon, January 20, 1942

PT-32, commanded by Lieutenant V.S. Schumaker. Destroyed to prevent capture at Tangauayan Island, Visayas Region, March 13, 1942

PT-33, commanded by Lieutenant H.J. Brantingham. Grounded and scuttled at Subic Bay, Luzon, December 15, 1941

PT-34, commanded by Lieutenant R.B. Kelly. Destroyed by air attack at Kawit Island, Mindanao, April 9, 1942

PT-35, commanded by Ensign A.B. Akers. Burned to prevent capture at Cebu, Visayas Region, April 12, 1942

PT-41, squadron flagship, commanded by Lieutenant J.D. Bulkeley. Burned to prevent capture near Lake Lanao, Mindanao, April 15, 1942

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