April 2013

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Predators in the Pacific

US sub skippers were overcautious at the war’s start, and their torpedoes were junk. Three years later, they had taken down half of Japanese shipping. By Drew Ames

US Sub Attacks a Japanese Ship

A United News newsreel features rare film of a US sub on the hunt.


The Not-So-Great Escape

Long before it became a movie, the so-called Great Escape was 76 real POWs tunneling out of Stalag Luft III–and Germans executing 50 of them. By Tom Huntington

Trailer for 1963’s Great Escape

Enemies in Our Midst?

As GIs battled Nazi and Fascist forces overseas, the US government put 15,000 German and Italian immigrants in prison to keep an eye on them. By Melissa Amateis Marsh

Alpha Dog

Every morning, FDR received a breakfast tray with eggs and toast–and a treat for his must trusted and faithful friend, America’s most highly placed canine.

FDR’s Fala Speech

The president offers a tongue-in-cheek defense of his dog against attacks by his political foes.



Kilroy Was Here

A note from our editor: Read Like My Dad


Letters from our readers

Home Front

Babe’s Last Blast

Web Extra: From Our Articles Archive

Play Ball!

There was a day when “America’s national pastime” was more than just a marketing slogan. During World War II, “the thinking man’s game” was the game. By Carl Zebrowski


Wanda McKay

The Funnies

Jungle Jim


Print ads from the war years

I Was There

Unsung Sailor


Musee de la Reddition

War Stories

Readers’ memories of the war

Books and Media

Our take on the latest releases

Theater of War

Slaughter-House Five

78 RPM

Fats Waller

Ain’t Misbehavin’

Fats performs his classic in the 1943 film Stormy Weather.

WWII Events

A calendar of present-day happenings


Airman Down