February 2013

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Hell on Wings

A sudden vertical climb was all it took for a Japanese Zero to slip a pursuing American fighter–until the fast, nimble, and nasty Grumman Hellcat came along. By Brian John Murphy

The Mad Gasser

Temporary paralysis, tremors, nausea, burning skin… Was some Axis operative or local lunatic attacking little Mattoon, Illinois, with poison gas? By Chuck Lyons

D-Day at 900 Yards

As GIs splashed ashore under fire at Omaha Beach, artillerymen aboard the Carmick and other US destroyers took out German gun nests to help clear the way. By Michael Edwards

Web Extra: Getting Ready for the Landings

Americans on D-Day

Follow American fighting men as they prepare for and launch the great Normandy Invasion of December 7, 1944.

Scandal in Hollywood

Movie idol Errol Flynn had a way with the ladies. But when two teenage girls said he had his way with them, the news bumped the war off page one. By John E. Stanchak

Web Extra: Hollywood’s Kinder, Gentler Side

Bob Hope and the Road to GI Joe

There was nowhere Bob Hope wouldn’t go to entertain the best audience he ever had—America’s WWII service men and women.



Kilroy Was Here

A note from our editor: “A Thousand Words”


Letters from our readers

Home Front

A WWII Who’s Who


Dale Evans

Debuting in an uncredited role in 1942, Evans does most of the talking here—to Ann Rutherford, the Westerns star who played Scarlet O’Hara’s sister in Gone with the Wind, and who died in June 2012.

The Funnies



Print ads from the war years

I Was There

Miss Victory


Gotham and the Good War

Web page for the exhibit WWII & NYC


War Stories

Readers’ memories of the war

Books and Media

Our take on the latest releases

Theater of War

Mister Roberts

78 RPM

“That Old Black Magic”

WWII Events

A calendar of present-day happenings


The Final Mission