April 2010

Bonus Features

Find the articles these features relate to in the April 2010 issue of America in WWII, available at Borders and Barnes & Noble stores.

Hitler’s boy soldiers

Print Issue Tie-in: “Heilbronn: One Last Place to Die”

Footage: Hitler Youth tell their stories

In a March 1945 German newsreel, Hitler Youth boys—like the ones GIs encountered in Heilbronn—talk proudly of their combat experiences.


General George S. Patton

Print Issue Tie-in: “Patton: Loved, Hated, Appreciated”

Photo gallery: George Patton and the camera

Hard-fighting General George S. Patton, Jr., wasn’t just a warrior, he was a showman—dramatic, flamboyant, and ready to mug for the camera.

Winnie the WAC

Print Issue Tie-in: “The WAC behind Winnie”

Link: Winnie the WAC cartoons

View an extensive gallery featuring Winnie the WAC—the ditzy, naïve, and slightly spicy gal who helped ease GIs’ shock at seeing women in army uniforms.

Ford’s B-24 bomber factory

Print Issue Tie-in: “Ford’s Amazing Warbird Factory”

Link: Ford’s Willow Run factory in pictures

Trace the story of Ford’s Willow Run facility, where workers churned out B-24 Liberators by the thousand, in this online photo gallery.

Article: Raid in ruins

Fifty-four B-24 bombers fell in the 1943 raid on German refineries at Ploesti, Romania—underlining the importance of Ford’s amazing B-24 factory at Willow run.