August 2009

bonus features

Videos, photos, articles, and links that expand on the printed magazine issue

Video: Bugs Bunny’s war bond shtick

Porky and Elmer back up Bugs as he sings and dances for the war effort in the Looney Tunes short “Any Bonds Today?”

(Note: This cartoon’s Al Jolson parody reflects period racial attitudes that the editors of America in WWII do not share. The cartoon is presented as a piece of US history.)


Photo gallery: UNDER fire on Guam

See July 1944’s Guam invasion through a marine’s eyes—whizzing bullets and all—thanks to gutsy combat photographers.

Link: A two-war survivor speaks

Watch and listen to America’s last doughboy—Frank Buckles—as he relives his WWI experience and his WWII capture by the Japanese. From the Library of Congress Veterans History Project.

Article: Between D-Day and Paris

What happened after Allied troops hit French beaches and hurdled Normandy’s hedgerows? They nearly bagged a German army! If they had, the war would have ended in 1944.

Article: America’s spy army

Learn about the US Office of Strategic Services, the cloak-and-dagger outfit that spied and raided—and commissioned a psychoanalysis of Adolf Hitler.

Link removed to the original psychological profile of Adolf Hitler prepared for the US Office of Strategic Services early in World War II.