December 2009

Bonus Features

Find the articles these features relate to in the December 2009 issue of America in WWII, available from us as a back issue.

Downloads: J. Edgar Hoover’s secret Nazi spy maps

FBI director J. Edgar Hoover kept these charts about Axis operatives in Latin America in an album in his office. We authorize you to take a peek! (This feature is coming coon.)
Print issue tie-in: “Secret War South of the Border”

Footage: Battle of the Bulge on film

The Battle of the Bulge unfolds onscreen—along with a toughen-up message addressed to home-front civilians—in this 1945 army newsreel.
Print issue tie-in: “The Bulge”


Photo gallery: Icy fight in the Bulge

Here’s what it looked like when GIs battled two enemies—the Germans and a savage winter—to recover Belgian ground lost to blitzkrieg. (This feature is coming soon.)
Print issue tie-in: “The Bulge”

Link: The US Army’s Bulge book

Read the story of the Bulge and the American fight to recover lost ground, in the US Army’s book-length official history of the battle.
Print issue tie-in: “The Bulge”

Article: A WWII Christmas

Overseas and at home, Americans celebrated Christmas and Hanukkah in spite of the war—and changed the way we keep the holidays.
Print issue tie-in: “Thankful Anyway”

Footage: Carmen Miranda in full flower

Brazilian singer Carmen Miranda adds Latin spice to the 1942 film Springtime in the Rockies with her take on “Chattanooga Choo-Choo.”
Print issue tie-in: 78 RPM column