February 2010

Bonus Features

Find the articles these features relate to in the February 2010 issue of America in WWII, available at Borders and Barnes & Noble stores.

The Battle of Iwo Jima

Print Issue Tie-in: “Iwo Jima: Cheating Death on Sulfur Island”

Footage: To the Shores of Iwo Jima, Parts I and II

Thanks to heroic military cameramen, you can follow the US marines onto Iwo Jima in this 1945 Office of War Information film. Shown in two parts.


Photo Gallery: Iwo Jima Snapshots

Clearing ash-coated Iwo Jima of its grim Japanese defenders was a grind unlike anything US Marines had ever experienced before.

Pulp Fiction

Print Issue Tie-in: “Pulp Fiction”

Photo Gallery: Pulp fiction fantasy

Cheap, exciting, and fun to read, pulp fiction magazines were the ultimate escape from war’s hard times.

Photo Gallery: pulp fiction Goes to War

A sampler of World War II-era, military-themed pulp fiction magazine covers.

Fred Waring and
the Pennsylvanians

Print Issue Tie-in: 78 RPM “The Master Blender”

Link: Fred Waring—Man, Music, and Machine

Photos, music, and film clips tell the amazing story of choir master and blender king Fred Waring on this lively Penn State site.

Stalag 17-B

Print Issue Tie-in: “A Yank in Stalin’s Army”

Article: Stalag 17-B

The German prison camp that inspired a movie and a TV comedy was a dingy, fleabag patch of hell for the Allied POWs who got stuck there.