October 2009

Bonus Features

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Free download: WWII comic books

Download two rare comic books and read exciting tales of villains and heroes–tales that inspired the men building our wartime refineries.

• Under-cover War (.pdf)
• Comin’ in on a Wing and a Prayer (.pdf)
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Video link: SS normandie BURNS

Watch a luxurious French ocean liner go up in smoke during its conversion into a US troop transport, in this 1942 Castle Films newsreel.
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Article: Nazi spies in Maine!

US fear of Nazi sabotage—fear that led to a deal with the Mafia—wasn’t unfounded. One group of Nazis landed in Maine in 1944.
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Video: Leyte Gulf sea war

See real footage of air and sea combat during the Battle of Leyte Gulf in a segment from the 1950s TV series Victory at Sea.
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Photo gallery: Death of a carrier

USS Princeton was launching planes on the Battle of Leyte Gulf’s first day when a single bomb ended her career—and the lives of hundreds of men.
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Video: Ella’s yellow basket

Songbird Ella Fitzgerald jazzes up a Wild West bus tour with her hit “A-Tisket A-Tasket” in Abbot and Costello’s 1942 movie Ride ’Em Cowboy.


Link: A toy born of war

Check out the online museum of World War II’s springiest legacy, Slinky!
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Link: America’s navy beach jumpers

Actor and officer Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., left the navy after the war, but his Beach Jumpers kept up their work of tricking enemies. See what Fairbanks started, on the site of the US Navy Beach Jumpers Association.
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