October 2010

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The World after WWII

Print issue Tie-in: “100 Ways WWII Changed America and the World”

Footage: The Bill that Created America’s Future

Check out Uncle Sam’s GI Bill for WWII vets—a deal that gave America an educated workforce and thriving middle class—in this no-malarkey wartime film.


Link: Korea—World War II, Continued

One result of World War II was more war. In 1950, GIs shipped out for Korea. So did news photographer Max Desfor, who tells his story of “The Forgotten War.”

Our Boys Come Back

Print issue tie-in: “How to Be Civilian Again”

Photo Gallery: Heading Home at Last

Across Europe, Asia, and the Pacific, America’s victorious GIs pack up, tear down, and head home to restart their lives—and their country.

Article: Haunted

Some people think the GIs of the “Good War” came home psychologically unscathed by the horrors and stress they experienced. They don’t know the whole story.

Germany’s Deadly Rockets

Print Issue Tie-in: “Hitler’s Rocketeers Put Americans on the Moon”

Footage: Buzzing Death Bombs

See and hear the V-1 rocket—the buzz bomb—that tormented Allied forces and civilians in Europe. When an overhead buzz bomb fell silent, death was on its way.


Link: The Nazi Rocket that Launched Space Travel

Learn about the V-2, the Nazi weapon of mass destruction that paved the way for space travel, on this info-packed site. Be sure to watch the launch videos!