April 2006

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Facing The Fox

The GIs in Tunisia’s Kasserine Pass were in trouble. Their equipment was outdated, their leadership was weak, and Desert Fox Erwin Rommel was aiming his army straight at them. By Brian John Murphy. Full story

Captain Swing

US forces got a secret weapon in the fall of ’42: Glenn Miller, king of velvet swing. Miller revved Allied morale in Europe—then vanished without a trace. By Tom Huntington. Full story

Watching the radio

Music, news, and entertainment crackled warmly from radio speakers in living rooms across the country—uniting wartime Americans in a common cause and culture. By Judy P. Sopronyi. Full story

The destroyer men

Whether downing kamikazes, battling warships, or sinking subs, destroyers were the tigers of the sea—sleek, fast-moving, and with serious bite. Meet the men who brought them to life. By Eric Ethier

The right place and the right time

For journalist Starr Smith, landing a combat intelligence job next to a movie star was nothing short of lucky—even if writing the story would have to wait for 60 years. By Terry W. Burger

To top it off, visit the Texas museum that has a working flamethrower and a place where you can see it in action, find out what happened to ball-turret gunner Paul "Flash" Gordon in the infamous German prison camp Stalag 17-B, check out the morale-boosting, satirical circular that featured the caricatured face of Adolf Hitler, and find out what it was like to go to the movies.