April 2008

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Payback for Pearl Harbor

Armed with secret knowledge from code-breakers, US pilots blasted the man behind the Pearl Harbor raid out of the sky in April 1943. By Tom Huntington

The Devil’s Brigade

Trained to ski, parachute, climb mountains, stalk, and kill with knives, the First Special Service Force commandos struck terror in German troops. By Brian John Murphy

Car country!

Even with a war on, the 48 states were car country, and Americans found mobility, freedom, and fun behind the wheel. By John E. Stanchak

The other boys in uniform

America’s Boy Scouts threw themselves into the war effort with a vigor and effectiveness that shocked government officials. By Bruce Heydt

Bombing the Bismarck Sea

In March 1943, ocean convoys poured Japanese troops into New Guinea–until land-based Allied bombers flew out on a devastating sea raid. By Eric Ethier

To top it off, share an OSS guerilla’s memories of rescuing US airmen in Romania and Serbia, and tour a real WWII boomtown.