April 2009

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‘An old-time turkey shoot’

US Navy pilots were at their best in June 1944’s Battle of the Philippine Sea—sinking Japanese carriers and blasting enemy planes out of the sky. By Brian John Murphy

Lonesome Eagles

Isolated by his troubling politics and rejected for service by FDR, air legend Charles Lindbergh had to find a back door into World War II. By Tom Huntington

Gardening to win

Families on the American home front dug up their yards and planted vegetables so farmers could concentrate on feeding the boys overseas. By Patrice Crowley

Broken pilots fly again

Near the war’s end, a little-known US Army Air Corps program took pilots who had lost limbs in combat and put them back in the air. By Robert F. Dorr and Fred Borch

To top it off, share an OSS guerilla’s memories of rescuing US airmen in Romania and Serbia tour a real WWII boomtown

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