April 2010

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Patton: Loved, hated, appreciated

Genius. Jerk. Call him what you will, General George Patton managed to do the impossible while alienating peers and subordinates alike. By Richard Sassaman

Heilbronn: One last place to die

The war was nearly won. But as the 100th Infantry Division’s GIs attacked fortified Heilbronn, Germany, they feared they’d never see V-E Day. By Edward Longacre

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The WAC behind Winnie

An artist’s fancy turned lovely WAC Althea Semanchik–a brainy math expert–into a ditzy but popular cartoon heroine. By Judy P. Sopronyi

Ford’s amazing warbird factory

Mighty B-24 bombers by the thousands rolled off Henry Ford’s Willow Run, Michigan, assembly line–an aircraft factory unlike any other. By Joe Razes

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