April 2011

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The Massacre, the SS Man, and the Senator

Eighty-four American POWs lay dead in the snow near Malmedy, slaughtered by Jochen Peiper’s Nazis. Justice had to be done. But a bungled trial and Senator Joseph McCarthy’s hysterics made that extremely unlikely. By Brian John Murphy

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Nazis on trial at Nuremberg

Unlike at Malmedy, justice was resolved and confident at the war-crimes trials of the Third Reich’s highest officials.

Cape Misery

Cape Gloucester was a stepping stone to get past Japan’s deadliest South Pacific base. But it was a mucky, miserable stepping stone, as US marines found out. By Richard B. Frank

Mickey’s Army Versus der Fuhrer

The Axis nearly wrecked Walt Disney’s animated film enterprise. But Mickey, Donald, and the Disney creative arsenal helped wreck the Axis instead. By David Lesjak

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Disney to the Front

Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and an army of their kindred cartoons join the war effort at home and overseas.

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A heil of a wacky hit

Disney blew rasberries in Adolf Hitler’s face in its popular wartime cartoon short "Der Fuhrer’s Face." (This article page includes the video of the eight-minute cartoon in its entirety.)

Great Lakes Carriers

Navy fighter planes sliced up the skies, then swooped down to land on their carriers–on Lake Michigan, where the navy trained its WWII pilots. By Richard Sassaman



Notes from our editor "Dick WInters, Hero"

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The official Major Dick Winters website

Find biographical information, photos, letters, and more from the Easy Company man made famous in Band of Brothers.


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Home Front

Deep-dish pizza


Dorothy Malone


Virginia’s WWII warbird cage

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The Udvar-Hazy Center website

Discover the exhibits and collections of the Smithsonian’ s WWII warbird museum and get information for visiting.

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