April 2012

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Taking the X on Iwo

X-shaped Airfield No. 2 was the prize that brought US Marines to rocky Iwo Jima. But it was a prize well guarded, and winning it would cost blood. By Eric Ethier

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Iwo Jima Snapshots

Clearing ash-coated Iwo Jima of its grim Japanese defenders was a grind unlike anything US marines had ever experienced before.

Dad Flew
with Doolittle

70 years ago, Colonel Jimmy Doolittle and his 79 men flew a daredevel first raid on Japan. Today, children of the raiders share stories their fathers told. By Susan Zimmerman

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The impossible raid

Just when Axis Japan felt invincible, Lieutenant Colonel James Doolittle hit Tokyo with a daring bomber raid that shattered Hirohito’s peace of mind. By Richard Sassaman

Mountain Men

World-class skiers take up rifles and train to battle Nazis in Europe’s snowy heights with the 10th Mountain Division. By Joe Razes

Government Girl

A wartime Nebrarka teen remembers moving to Washington, DC, living in cramped dorms, working long hours typing for the FBI, and dating the occasional fresh GI. By Melissa Amateis Marsh

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Secretaries of War

Thousands of women spent the early 1940s working in government offices in Washington, DC, getting vital information into the right hands to keep the war machine running.



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