April 2014

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GIs ‘Invade’ England

War-weary Brits saw the Americans as unsoldierly, extravagant. But as they prepared to cross the Channel together to drive the Germans out of France, Brits and Yanks became fast friends. By Brian John Murphy

Ram! Ram! Ram!

For months, Allied shipping ran scared from U-boats. One night in the icy North Atlantic, a US Coast Guard skpper figured out how to beat them. Or did he? By George Cholewczynski

The Pacifist Division

Men of the Civilian Public Service didn’t fight the enemy. But their war was still a struggle—with hostile neighbors, thankless tasks, and high-risk assignments. By Robert Gabrick and Barbara Markham

Morale in a 12-Ounce Can

Meats, veggies, and boxed rations fed the fighting man’s body. Beer fed his spirit—but getting it wasn’t easy.




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