April 2016

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Later on Leyte

Douglas MacArthur’s promised return to the Philippines was going well—except that Japanese reinforcements kept pouring in. The 77th Infantry Division landed near Ormoc to fix that. By Edward G. Miller

Dawn of the Night Fighters

Flying in the dark was treacherous under the best of conditions. Then came radar to turn American Black Widows into fierce nocturnal hunters. By Drew Ames

Black and White and Scarlet

Dickey Chapelle wanted to photograph US medics in action. She found plenty of opportunities in the bloody battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa. By John Garofalo

Uncle Sam’s Nazi Reform Schools

Peppering POWs with propaganda violated the 1929 Geneva Convention. But the War Department found a loophole for its Democracy 101 classes. By Melissa Amateis Marsh




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