August 2007

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Trapped on Guadalcanal

Abandoned by the navy, and with no way out, US marines fought with reckless fireceness to hold Guadalcanal–and stay alive. By Eric Ethier

Task Force Hope

While bureaucrats tried to keep them dainty, America’s WWII nurses gave up comfort and safety to rescue battle-broken GIs. By John E. Stanchak

Americans for Hitler

On the eve of World War II, the German American Bund insisted the Nazi salute was as American as apple pie. By Mark D. Van Ells. Full story

Pigeons of war

In fierce fighting and deep in enemy territory, American pigeons carried life-or-death messages that radio and field phones could not. By Joe Razes. Full story

To top it off, enter the busy world of bomber production through the memories of a Rosie the Riveter, discover FDR’s history-packed hometown, Hyde Park, New York, and meet real-life Rosie the Riveter Mae Graybill.