August 2008

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The making of JFK

65 years ago, John Fitzgerald Kennedy saved the crew of his wrecked PT-109 by ignoring the limitations of his fragile health–and proved himself a leader. By Brian John Murphy.

Battle at the volcano

In the summer of 1943, George Patton’s army breezed through Sicily–until dug-in German guns erupted in hellfire at Troina, in Mount Etna’s shadow. By Eric Ethier

America’s concentration camps

Japanese Americans fought for their country. They paid taxes, voted, and followed the laws. But after Pearl Harbor, their country locked them up. By Brenda Wilt

Smoky the war dog

A tiny terrier found in a New Guinea foxhole became a pint-sized war hero because of a GI’s friendship. By Peter Jedick

To top it off, let a WAC tell you how many ships it took to get her to England, and tour the mighty battleship New Jersey.