August 2009

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Americans in paris

Eighty days after they hit Normandy’s beaches on D-Day, GIs marched into the City of Lights, and the celebration of a lifetime. By John E. Stanchak

Scouring Guam’s mountain jungles

In July 1944, US Marimes and GIs battled grim Japanese troops for control of steamy Guam, a crucial bae for liberating the Philippines. By Eric Ethier

World wars winner

Frank Buckles is America’s last remaining World War I veteran, but he has a World War II story to tell, too–a grueling story of survival. By Joe Razes

Steel pennies and Hawaii dollars

US-issued currency came in all shapes and colors during World War II–and it was made of the darnedest things. By David A. Norris

Getting inside Hitler’s head

When America’s spymaster hired a psychiatrist to figure out the Fuhrer, the result was disturbing–and, as history showed, accurate. By Brian John Murphy

To top it off, a destroyer man recalls a duel with a German sub and an artifact expert visits Arizon’s warplane graveyards.

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