August 2010

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65th anniversary issue: Bringing Down the Empire of the Sun

A five-chapter narrative by Brian John Murphy

High-flying American Superfortresses blanket Tokyo in hellfire, bringing war’s savage realities to the doorstep of Japan’s devine emperor.

Okinawa, deadly gateway to Japan

US forces rush to seize the jumping-off point for an invasion of Japan: Okinawa, where Japanese troops are preparing to kill and die by the thousands.

Hope for ending an endless war

A beaten Japan fights on with suicidal zeal. But Japanese attrocities and an iconic US victory reenergize America’s frayed fighting spirit.

Hotter than the rising sun

A secret weapon unleashes the apocalyptic power of nuclear fission on Hiroshima, bringing despair to Japan and hope to the Americans.

Painful persuasion–and victory!

As a second mushroom cloud rises over his homeland, Japan’s war-weary emperor ends the fighting–and America and the world erupt with celebration.

p>Plus–among much more, including a full-spread map–four shorts:

The flying Superfortresses

The Darkest of Days

The inevitable invasion of Japan

Helping Japan decide to give up


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