August 2013

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Years before John Glenn became the first American to orbit Earth, he was a marine pilot wrangling for more combat action against the Japanese. By Susan Zimmerman


The US destroyer Pillsbury disappeared off Java in March 1942. Only her Japanese attackers knew what happened.
Seventy years later, the story is finally told here… By Donald M. Kehn, Jr., with Anthony P. Tully


To win the war, America needed heroes at the front—and on the assembly line. The Four Wheel Drive Company of little Clintonville, Wisconsin, had them to spare. By Robert Gabrick

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Glenn Miller’s Work Song

“On the Old Assembly Line,” recorded a week after the Pearl Harbor attack as a tribute-in-advance to the millions of men and women who would keep things running on America’s home front through the war years.

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Four-Wheeling in Wisconsin

Assembly line workers in Clintonville kept the armies rolling forward at the front.


Brits were brassed that ‘Alfred the Great’ left home to strike Hollywood gold while they were stuck digging in against the Nazis. By John E. Stanchak

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The Master’s First Wartime Release

The relentless, fast-paced Saboteur made a lot of people forgot about the war for a couple of hours when it hit theaters in April 1942. And it made a lot of money doing so.



Notes from our editor: “Finding a Way to Say Thanks”

The Honor Flight Movie Website

The Honor Flight organization thanks WWII veterans for their service by flying them to Washington, DC, to see the national memorial built in their honor.


Letters from our readers

Home Front

An Early Rosa Parks


Rhonda Fleming


Bulletman and Bulletgirl


Cleveland’s Shipshape Sub

The USS Cod Submarine Memorial Website


I Was There

Sniper at the Bulge

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Icy Battle Of The Bulge

Here’s what it looked like when GIs battled two enemies-–the Germans and a savage winter–-to recover Belgian ground lost to blitzkrieg.

War Stories

Memories from the war years

Books and Media

The latest reviews

Theater of War

36 Hours

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The Official Trailer

Germans try to trick an American major played by James Garner of TV’s Rockford Files into thinking the war is over so he’ll spill the beans about plans for the Allied invasion of Europe.

78 RPM

Xavier Cugat

WWII Events

A calendar of present-day happenings


Shot in the Mouth