August 2014

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Hunting Germany’s Wonder Jet

The Arado Blitz flew 100 mph faster than America’s Mustang. But Mustang pilot Don Bryan refused to be outclassed. He was dead set on taking the enemy down. By Robert F. Dorr

Breakout from Normandy

The Allies put their feet in Europe on D-Day. But they got trapped on the coast for seven weeks. Then came a master plan to punch through German lines.
by Éric Grenier

Losing Dad

Hundreds of thousands of American men left children behind when they left home to fight. Many never returned. What was it like to be young, innocent, and orphaned by war? By Allyson Patton

A Sailor’s Adventure of a Lifetime

Dad joined the navy eager for something new. He found it: kamikaze attacks, a deadly typhoon, the Japanese surrender ceremony. And he brought back photos to prove it.
by John E. Stanchak




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