December 2008

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Crawling onto Bougainville

Smashed ashore by waves, US marines and gutsy Seabees edged into a miserable jungle full of enemies. Axis Japan would pay for their trouble. By Eric Ethier

V-mail: The GI’s lifeline

Fast, inexpensive V-mail made it relatively easy to keep American men and women serving overseas connected to home. By David A. Norris.

Chesapeake Bay D-day

US troops and tanks splashed ashore to invade not France, not Africa, but Maryland in massive practice landings for the real D-days. By Joe Razes

Kids in uniform

Some lucky kids on the home front found snappy, authentic-looking play uniforms under the Christmas tree–in just their size!

Vinegar Joe versus everybody else

General Joseph Stilwell was a soldier, not a diplomat. In his China-Burma-India theater, he called a fool a fool–and that was his undoing. By Richard Sassaman

To top it off,visit the home of Wisconsin’s surprising WWII freshwater submarines!