December 2010

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Flying Tigers bite back!

Two weeks after Pearl Harbor, shark-faced Flying Tiger fighters break Japan’s winning streak, devouring a raid over China in their first combat. By Daniel Ford

Gazda and his gun

When war broke out, arms dealer Antoine Gazda left neutral Switzerland and brought America a gun that turned Axis planes into Swiss cheese. By Eric Ethier

Have yourself a merry little Christmas

The yuletide greetings that Axis propagandists showered on GIs weren’t exactly full of peace and goodwill, but they gave the boys a holiday chuckle. By Jim Kushlan

What the medals mean

Start learning about your dad’s or grandpa’s WWII service by looking at his medals–with help from our pictorial guide.



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Letters from our readers

Home Front

The Army-Navy game


Joan Vohs


Pennsylvania’s Battle of the Bulge

War Stories

Our readers recall wartime Christmas


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Books and Media

The latest reviews

Theater of War

Flying Tigers

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"The Christmas Song"

WWII Events

A calendar of present-day happenings


One man’s war

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