February 2009

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Hammering the holy mountain

Crowning a German line protecting Rome, Monte Cassino?s ancient abbey tormented US generals who knew they would end up bombing it. By Eric Ethier

Our man in Hitler’s Reich

Fritz Kolbe thought of running away when Nazi cruelty took hold of Germany in the 1930s. Then he decided to stay?as a valuable Allied spy. By Kevin Morrow

Blood at the front

As American fighting men bled on the front lines of a global war, people on the home front gave their blood to save them. By Tom Huntington

A voice for peace goes to war

Playwright and FDR speechwriter Robert Sherwood was against war—until Adolf Hitler came along. Then he became a US war propagandist. By Mark Weisenmiller

To top it off, conquer Europe with a combat engineer, see Washington State’s best flying collection, and get our editor’s opinion on the blockbuster movie Valkyrie.