February 2014

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Ike Takes Command

FDR lost sleep deciding who would lead the fight against Germany. Once he made his decision, it was Dwight Eisenhower who lost sleep–planning the greatest invasion in history. By Brian John Murphy

Welcome to Anzio!

The 45th Infantry Division landed at the Italian resort town ready to march up the road and capture Rome. But the German army persuaded the visitors to stay a while. By Flint Whitlock

Steagles to the Rescue!

How a misfit bunch of military rejects from the Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles became a team, won games, made money, and helped save the NFL. By Matthew Algeo

The World’s Busiest Shipyard

America needed a lot of big ships fast to battle powerful enemy navies. The Brooklyn Navy Yard hummed day and night to build them. By Ken Yellis 




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