February 2016

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How the Sons of Bitche Got Their Name

Just how strong was France’s Maginot Line? The Century Division arrived to find out–and to give hell to the Germans defending it. By Edward G. Longacre

Mission to Meet Mao

Chiang Kai-shek was America’s ally. But what if Communists, not Chiang, ruled postwar China? In 1944, America decided to get to know them. By Andrew Lam

Scrapping History

It took a lot of steel to fight the war. A nationwide recycling scramble brought in everything from empty cans to Civil War cannons to a car shot up by John Dillinger’s gangsters. By David A. Norris.

The 700-Mile Air Raid

Nine hours was an eternity in a fighter cockpit. The emptiness between Iwo Jima and Japan wore a pilot down. Then came the enemy planes. By Robert F. Dorr




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