February-March 2017

AMERICA IN WWII Feb-Mar 2017 issue


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Day of the Kamikazes

The men of the USS Bunker Hill had seen what kamikazes could do to an aircraft carrier. They hoped it wouldn’t happen to theirs. By Guy Nasuti

Where Misery Made Marines

Mosquito-ridden and full of snakes, Montord Point, North Carolina, was no place to live. But it made marines who stood up to anything Japan—or Jim Crow—dished out. By Jay Wertz

The Women’s Angle

The military tried to keep female journalists behind friendly lines to report on the war’s daintier side. But the gutsiest among them pushed their way into combat zones to get the real story. By Melissa A. Marsh

Preston Sturges Takes Charge

The first time Hollywood let a screenwriter direct his own scripts, the result was an outburst of crazy but popular wartime comedies. By Mark Weisenmiller




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