June 2005

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Rooting out pockets of Nazis one by one, American troops and tanks rolled steadily across the Rhine and on to victory in Europe. Then the celebration began. By Brian John Murphy. Full story

Okinawa: the bleeding

As America celebrated victory in Europe, hell erupted on Okinawa. But this horrific, history-shaping battle got lost in Iwo Jima’s shadow. By George Feifer

Getting the story

A recorder, a few guidelines, and a little patience are all you need to collect gripping, eyewitness history from the WWII vets in your life. By Judy Sopronyi. Full story

Loose lips

Enemy ears could be anywhere–even in your neighborhood! At least, that was the message of the war’s most memorable posters. By Tom Huntington

Screaming Eagle general

Hard-driving General Maxwell Taylor jumped out of a plane on D-Day and led his 101st Airborne Division all the way to Germany. By John M. Taylor

To top it off, a pro baseball player writes of his days in Europe with the US Army artillery, a lard-colored bread spread barely known before the war earns its place on the American dining table, a paean to one of America’s greatest moments, and plenty more from the battle front and the home front.