June 2010

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Special 65th anniversary issue: Bringing Down the Reich

Advancing Americans had already pierced Hitler’s fabled Westwall defenses. Now they faced the final barrier to Germany’s heartland: the Rhine River. By Michael Edwards

Wrecking Hitler’s Ruhr arsenal

Germnayu’s war machine depended on other machines, in the humming factories of the Ruhr–where Allied armies were closing in fast. By Eric Grenier

Battle for the Boot

Most Italians were through fighting the Allies. But the German forces in Italy weren’t going to relinquish the land of the Caesars. Not without a fight. By Eric Ethier

West meets East

Vodka toasts, feasts, and dancing spelled doom for the Third Reich when eastward-marching GIs met westbound Soviets at the Elbe River. By Michael Sherbon

End of Hitler, start of peace?

A suicide in a bunker and the fall of Berlin bring an end to Nazi aggression–and the start of a new war of words, spies, and nerves. By Dr. Allan R. Millet

Plus–among much more–three shorts by Brian John Murphy:

GI life in the field

The unbearable discovery

Victory!–and more war


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