June 2011

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Major Dick Winters: Genuine Legend, Genuine Man

What made Major Dick Winters a great commander? The same thing that made him a great friend: He genuinely cared about people. By Colonel Cole C. Kingseed


The official Major Dick Winters website

Find biographical information, photos, letters, and more from the Easy Company man made famous in Band of Brothers.

America’s Historian Takes Casablanca

In November 1942, US warships blasted a hole in Vichy defenses to reach Morocco–with historian Samuel Eliot Morison in the heat of the battle. By Vincent P. O’Hara

GIs Go Greyhound!

Greyhound motored America’s wartime service men and women across the country–and promised them motorcoach adventures once the war was won. By Robert Gabrick


Greyhound: On the Road through WWII and Beyond

There was no escaping the world war, and America’s intercity bus company changed with it like everything else did–while peering through a rose-colored windshield at the promising postwar future on the horizon.

The Bombing of Boise City

Every US town prepared for air raids, but no raid ever came. Except for the night of July 5, 1943, when bombs rained on an Oklahoma town. By Chuck Lyon

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Killer balloons over America

Boise City was the only US town bombed during World War II. But in 1945, giant gas-filled paper globes drifted serenely across the Pacific on their way to terrorize the United States with random bomb strikes.


Kilroy Was Here

Notes from our editor: "Big Crowd for a Quiet Man"


Letters from our readers

Home Front

Milkweed floss to the rescue


Jane Russell


The Outlaw

Censors thought the 1943 movie financed by multimillionaire Howard Hughes was too racy and blocked its general release. Undeterred, Hughes promoted the movie ceaselessly and by the time it came out in 1946, costar Jane Russell was famous. View the official trailer.


Pearl Harbor’s brand-new gateway


National Park Service’s World War II Valor in the Pacific Website

Find information on the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, the USS Arizona Memorial, video memories of Pearl Harbor survivors, and more at the Pearl Harbor section of the official National Park Service website.

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