June 2012

June 2012 Midway to Victory

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Midway to Victory

Just four months after Pearl Harbor, America forces in the Coral Sea halted Japan’s brief charge toward victory. Then they cut its heart out at Midway. By Brian John Murphy

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History’s First Carrier Battles

The mid-1942 clashes in the Coral Sea and at Midway were the world’s first fights between aircraft carriers. Plenty of photos were taken to remember them by.

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Japan’s Pacific Blitz

Before Americans turned the tide at Coral Sea and Midway, Japan had its way in the big ocean.


It wasn’t easy for a poor boy to get out of the ghetto. But he could escape for the night by putting on a zoot suit and dancing the jitterbug. By John E. Stanchak

Kilroy Was There

GIs were all over the world in the early 1940s. And wherever they went, a mysterious little cartoon character was watching them from behind a wall. By Chuck Lyons


Kilroy’s Own Website

Find Kilroy stories and pictures and the petition to put Kilroy on a US postage stamp.

Sherlock Holmes Stalks the Nazis

Hollywood resurrected the world’s greatest detective as a 20th-century spy to help defeat the world’s greatest villain. By David Norris

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Cloak and Dagger Army: The OSS

The master from Baker Street stalked the Nazis on the silver screen. The OSS did it for real.



Kilroy Was Here

A note from our editor: "Born to Draw Kilroy"


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Marguerite Chapman

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A Girl’s Dream Takes Flight


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