June 2013

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First Blood of the Century

For two millenia, invading armies had shed their lifeblood trying to break through France’s Vosges Mountains. Now it was the Century Division’s turn. By Edward G. Longacre.

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The war was nearly won. But as the 100th Division’s GIs attacked fortified Heilbronn, Germany, they feared they’d never see V-E Day. By Edward G. Longacre

Attack of the Ghost Army

The director of a new PBS documentary tells the once-secret story of how phantom US troops, inflatable tanks, and Hollywood sound effects fooled the Wehrmacht. By Rick Beyer

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The Ghost Army Film Website


Painted Ladies in the Sky

The American bombers and fighters that battled in Europe’s skies wore a new kind of art–nose art, in lively designs that ranged from silly to sexy. By Gail Downey

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The Nose Art Film Website


The Navy Called It Mutiny

When explosions killed 202 black sailors loading ammo ships in California, survivors refused to return to that work. That’s when the navy cracked down. By Chuck Lyons



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Home Front

Trouble at Monkey Ward


Lupe Vélez

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Velez in The Mexican Spitfire at Sea

The Mexico-born pinup pretends to be a cat in a 1942 film from her Mexican Spitfire series.


A Mighty Air Museum in Georgia

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The National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force website


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Bomb Mission No. 1

Watch B-17 Flying Fortresses go out on the first all-American bomb raid over Europe, in 1942. This time, everyone comes home… In three installments.


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Memories from the war years

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Theater of War

Hell Is for Heroes

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Cab Calloway

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Calloway in Stormy Weather

The zoot-suited Hi De Ho man performs “Geechy Joe” in 1943’s all-black movie musical.

WWII Events

A calendar of present-day happenings


Liberated by Patton