June 2014

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The Fight on the Beaches

The time for planning and preparation had passed. Dwight Eisenhower had little to do but chain-smoke and gulp coffee–and watch to see whether his men could drive the Germans from the Normandy shores and begin the end of the war. By Brian John Murphy

Web Extra: A Pre-D-Day U-Boat Capture


While the greatest invasion force in history prepared for D-Day, US Navy sub hunters tracked down a U-boat. Their prize would become a permanent piece of WWII history.

The First Battle of World War III

D-Day wasn’t about defeating the Germans. They were already beaten. It was about stopping the Soviets. It was about winning he next war. By Andrew A. Wiest

Mama was a Boom-Boom Girl

Suddenly widowed and desperate for money, Cass Keehn put her kids in an orphanage and left home to work in a bomb factory. By Barbara Ayers

The President Gets His Wings

Human flight was still so new and unpredictable that the Secret Service wouldn’t let a president board a plane. Then came World War II. FDR needed to travel the globe fast. By David A. Norris





Notes from our Editor: “D (as in Deja Vu) Day”


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