June 2015

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No More Death and Dirt and Noise

Citizens of the Allied world cheered as one for the victory in Europe. But just how joyful were the GIs who’d been fighting there. By Eric Ethier

Ike’s Horror Movies

Dwight Eisenhower thought no one would believe what his troops saw in the concentration camps. That was before Hollywood director George Stevens marched in Dachau with cameras rolling. By John J. Michalczyk

Survivor Island

A desperate swim ashore from a shot-down B-26 was just the beginning. The airmen of Imogene VII now had to survive wary natives, an unforgiving jungle, and a Japanese manhunt. By Jay Wertz

Tokio Kid Say…

A former Disney artist created the buck-toothed Tokio Kid. But this was no cartoon for kids. And what he said were fighting words. By Robert Gabrick




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