October 2006

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Iwo Jima’s heroes: Realer on film?

Mount Suribachi’s flag-raisers step out of their iconic photograph as less and more than heroes in Clint Eastwood’s new movie, Flags of Our Fathers. By Tom Huntington.Full story

Sharks in American waters

It wasn’t the US Navy or Coast Guard that controlled America’s Atlantic waters in early 1942. It was the U-boats of Nazi Germany. By Brian John Murphy. Full story

Tiny planes at 12 o’clock

Telling friend from foe had to happen in a split second when planes appeared overhead. Tiny plastic models helped spotters and gunners learn how. By J.R. "Bill" Bailey

Mom’s kitchen

Step into the kitchens of the WWII years, sample genuine 1940s American hospitality, and taste what’s on the stove! By Brenda Wilt

Nazis on trial

Sixty-five years ago, the world revolved around Nuremberg, Germany, where the Third Reich’s highest officials faced trial for Nazi atrocities. By Mark Weisenmiller. Full story

To top it off, sail back in time aboard the restored Liberty ship John W. Brown, read about the tent-and-shack boomtowns where migrant workers settled as they sought to earn their fortunes making war goods, find out about Mr. Walt Disney’s role in one of the most popular anti-Hitler songs of the war, and meet the black cook who earned the Navy Cross at Pearl Harbor.