October 2008

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Truman: FDR’s exit plan

Franklin D. Roosevelt knew he was dying. So he picked vigorous Harry Truman to help win the 1944 election—and see the war through to victory. By John E. Stanchak

Fall of the Mighty Eighth

Dozens of B-17s crashed to earth in the summer and fall of 1943 as the Eighth Air Force learned hard lessons about bombing Germany. By Brian John Murphy

Operation Pinball

The planes were manned. The shooting was real. But no one got shot down in this stateside program that gave aerial gunners a foretaste of combat. By Robert F. Dorr and Fred L. Borch

Peleliu as it really was

Sent by Lifeto cover the 1944 assault on Peleliu in the South Pacific, Tom Lea painted war’s horror and men’s valor exactly as he saw them. Art and eyewitness descriptions by Tom Lea

Hemingway’s Nazi Belt Buckle

Did writer Ernest Hemingway take his prized WWII buckle from a German he killed? Our author seeks an answer deep in the eerie Hürtgen Forest. By Tom Sanders

To top it off,wander through Pennsylvania’s WWII treasure house, and listen to a POW who made music in his stalag!