October 2009

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Hollywood hero in a very real war

Actor Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., had more than 60 movies behind him when he donned a navy uniform–and became a bona fide WWII hero. By Tom Huntington

Admiral Bull’s Blunder

The Battle of Leyte Gulf ended Axis Japan’s naval might. But Admiral William "Bull" Halsey’s midjudgment made it a close call for a US fleet. By Brian John Murphy

Comic books for hardhat heroes

Ameria needed more fuel to run its war machines, but refinery builders’ morale was sagging. The solution? Comic books, of course! By Kevin Morrow

Flak Be Damned!

German guns blazed at the fat, unarmed planes lumbering over Holland. But the US 315th Troop Carrier Group had troops to drop, and it wasn’t turning back. By George F. Cholewczynski

America’s mobster ally

Mafioso Charles "Lucky" Luciano was in jail when US officials came to ask him for a favor–help protecting New York City’s docks from Nazis. By Bryan Ethier

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