October 2010

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100 ways WWII changed America and the world

From antibiotics to cell phones, from rock-and-roll to the Middle East conflict, the Second World War turned life on earth upside down—for better and for worse.

Hitler’s rocketeers put Americans on the moon

America beat the USSR in the race to put a man on the moon because US forces captured the right German scientists in 1945. By Bryan Ethier

How to be civilian again

An avalanche of self-help books welcomed GIs home from war, giving them advice on everything from sex to changes at home. By Mark D. Van Ells



Notes from our editor


Letters from our readers

World at War

A map of the main events of September and October 1945

Home Front

The icebox


Donna Reed


The war monuments of Washington, DC

The Funnies


War Stories

Our readers’ recollections


Old-time ad

Books and Media

The latest reviews

Theater of War

Judgment at Nuremberg

78 RPM

Lena Horne

WWII Events

A calendar of present-day happenings


One man’s or woman’s war

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