October 2015

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Ink on Paper Ends a War

Ninety-two years after Commodore Perry sailed into Tokyo Bay and pushed Japan onto the world stage at gunpoint, the Americans were back. This time, their mission was to seal a lasting peace. America in WWII photo essay

Freedom! Finally!

GIs around the world danced, shouted, and toasted victory–and eagerly prepared to leave the military behind for the beautiful humdrum of civilian life. By Eric Ethier

Prime Minister, Come Out with Your Hands Up

Someone had to hang for the horrors in the Pacific, maybe the man ultimately responsible: Hideki Tojo. First, the Americans had to take him alive. By Drew Ames

The Great Silent Homecoming

America promised to bring her war dead home. That was before she realized hundreds of thousands of GIs would get killed all over the globe. By William F. Hanna




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