October 2017

AMERICA IN WWII magazine's October 2017 issue


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Target: Tokyo

The Seventh Fighter Command had been waiting all war to avenge Pearl Harbor. Exactly 40 months after that fateful day, 100 of its Mustangs took off with 300 B-29s to attack mainland Japan. By Don Brown and Jerry Yellin

Ears on the World

Civilian FCC operatives fought on the front lines of the radio war, catching spies, blocking leaks, directing lost planes, and saving ships from U-boat wolves. By Leo Caisse

Inside the Mind of the Kamikaze

To American sailors, kamikazes were inhuman fanatics, eager to throw their lives away. The truth about Japan’s suicide attackers, their motives, and their feelings was more complicated. By Robert L. Willett

The Princess and the Americans

Steeped in American pop culture, and growing up amid a war that brought Americans to her doorstep, England’s future queen developed a lasting bond with the Yanks across the Atlantic. By Mark Weisenmiller




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