February 2008

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Captain Hollywood

Mobbed by women and sought for capture by his fan the Fuhrer, Clark Gable never got his wish: to be an ordinary B-17 gunner. By John E. Stanchak

Black eagles

Some of the most reassuring sights a bomber pilot could see fromj his cockpit were the red-tailed planes of a Tuskegee Airmen fighter escort. By Edward G. Longacre.

Make them last

Those WWII treasures in your attic are antiques now, and time is not on their side. Here’s what you need to do. By Judy P. Sopronyi

The faithful four

On a torpedoed troop ship in the icy North Atlantic, four army chaplains made a heroic choice to put other men’s survival before their own. By Richard Sassaman

To top it off, swing with a GI trumpeter in a high-flying band, follow the story of the US Coast Guard steward who saved the lives of some fellow American servicemen whose ship was torpedoed, and go where the buck stops–Harry Truman’s official library and museum.