Bonus Features

February 2011

Airborne divisions lead the way in the 1943 invasion of Sicily, Lou Costello proves that 13 times 7 equals 28, official US Navy reports describe the wreck of JFK’s PT-109, postage stamps for the war effort fill this issue’s photo gallery, and more.

December 2010

"GI" Joe Razes marches among 1,000 other reenactors re-creating the Battle of the Bulge in Pennsylvania, John Wayne plays the commander of the 1st American Volunteer Group in Flying Tigers, war alters Christmas and Hannukah celebrations, and more.

August 2010

Americans around the world celebrate the war’s end, a wartime propaganda film lauds the birth of the B-29 bomber, US operatives log their creation of psychological warfare pamphlets to be dropped on the Japanese, and more.

June 2010

GIs march across Europe to defeat Nazi Germany in our photo gallery, a private recalls combat with the 99th Infantry Division during the Nazis’ final months, a 1945 newsreel gives a tour of Adolf Hitler’s captured home in the Alps, and more.

April 2010

George Patton mugs for the camera in our photo gallery, Hitler Youth boast of their combat experiences on film, the real-life model for the Winnie the WAC cartoon tells of her unusual assignment doing math for US Army artillery units, and more.

February 2010

Battle of Iow Jima photo gallery and live footage, dozens of pulp fiction magazines in scintillating color, an article on the infamous Nazi prisoner-of-war camp that inspired the movie Stalag 17 and, incredibly, the 1960s sitcom Hogan’s Heroes, and more.

December 2009

J. Edgar Hoover’s secret Nazi spy maps download, Battle of the Bulge photo gallery and footage, clip of Brazilian Bombshell Carmen Mirana from the 1942 film Springtime in the Rockies, and more.

October 2009

WWII comic book download, footage of the SS Normandie burning, death of a carrier photo gallery, and more.

August 2009

Battle of Guam photo gallery, Bugs Bunny video, U-boat battle footage, and more.

June 2009

D-Day invasion footage, Americans on D-Day photo gallery, Nazi D-Day propaganda film, ghost army shoulder patches photo gallery, and more.

April 2009

Marianas Turkey Shoot photo gallery, Marianas Turkey shoot color footage, warplanes of the Marianas Turkey Shoot article and photos, Veronica Lake worker safety film, victory’s flower article, and more.